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Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th October 2021

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Our podcast series

This year we are delighted to be launching a new edition to our podcast series. Last year we featured the 'Conversation Room' where supporters and dementia carers talked about their shared experiences. This returns this year with 5 brand new conversations with some familiar and new voices offering a real insight into their life as a carer.

New for 2021 is our 'Inspiration Room' where we hear from poets, comedians and professionals who offer a fascinating, interesting and / or funny perspective.

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Peter Berry & Deb Bunt

Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in early 2015 aged 50. He lives in Saxmundham, Suffolk with his wife Teresa. He records a weekly video diary detailing his experiences and sharing advice for others about living with young onset dementia. After his diagnosis, Peter became very depressed but, being a ‘glass half full’ personality, has battled through this depression and focused on his main passion for cycling. He has used this passion to raise awareness of the condition, particularly in younger people. 

Deb is Peter’s best friend. They go cycling together every day and their friendship has enabled Peter to continue cycling when he might otherwise have had to stop. Last year Deb published Slow Puncture: Living Well With Dementia, this book is an account of a year in the life of Peter Berry. When Peter meets Deb, recently retired, they embark on regular cycle rides and, as their friendship grows, Deb is able to look at her own life through the lens of Peter’s dementia. In Slow Puncture, Peter tells the world what it is really like to live with a terminal condition and Deb learns to enjoy each day more fully.

Hannah Thomson & Becca Fuller

Hannah founded The Joy Club in 2019, inspired by her grandmother’s experience of ageing to focus on increasing healthy life expectancy for all. She previously held key roles in several award-winning startups, including femtech company Elvie where she was Head of Health and Strategic Partnerships. Hannah has degrees in human rights and business practices in life sciences – and is a graduate of the Oxford University Fintech Programme. Her multidisciplinary background reflects a deep commitment to realising health as a human right and an understanding of the financial drivers of health outcomes.

Rebecca is the Director of Dramaworkshop, a drama school for young people aged 7-20 whose aim is to inspire and develop confidence, creativity and imagination. An actor and workshop leader, Rebecca played Stacey in channel 4’s Raised by Wolves and has a huge amount of stage experience, having toured the UK in various theatre shows and worked with BAFTA-winning directors. In January 2020, Rebecca released a poem about her Grandad’s dementia which went viral.

David Dry & Terry Barnett

David and Terry are some of the wonderful family carers we heard from at last year's event. We loved listening to their conversation so much that we asked them to come back for Every Small Step 2021, and we were delighted when they accepted. If you didn't catch their conversation last year, you can watch the animation we made of it here

Ambassadors for Dementia Carers Count, David and Terry are active in the dementia community, and they are passionate about sharing their stories to help other family carers get the support they need. In their new podcast episode, you'll get to hear David and Terry catch up on how things have changed for them over the pandemic while caring for their wives.

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Yael Shotts & Heather Brown

Yael has worked for DCC for over two years. She is DCC’s Community Engagement Officer. Her grandmother had Alzheimer’s and she worked in a care home in Sweden for a year – caring for people with dementia. 

Heather is an Ambassador for Dementia Carers Count and is a former carer for her husband Dave, who had atypical vascular dementia and died of bowel cancer in a care home in 2018. She also cared for her father who was diagnosed in 2015 with Alzheimer’s – he died in December 2020. Heather opened and ran (runs) a dementia café in her village while caring for Dave. Heather is in the process of opening a second café locally with her fiancé, Paul, who lost his wife Mary in 2020 – she had dementia.

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Pippa Kelly & Trevor Salomon

Pippa is a dementia writer and advocate. Pippa writes prolifically about the elderly, their care and its funding, and about dementia, which she describes as stealing her mum from her family in a drawn-out 10-year raid. She is also the host of the award-winning podcast ‘Well I know now’.

Trevor sits on our Carers Advisory Panel and is married to Yvonne who has young-onset Alzheimer’s and lives in a care home. 

Trevor is passionate about helping other carers and since 2018 have spoken publicly at events and in the media about the very many practical aspects of supporting someone living with dementia. He is a firm believer in early disclosure of dementia to family and friends, employers, banks and other powers that be because this generates an understanding and the creation of a help infrastructure.

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Giles Paley Philips

Giles is a successful children’s author, born in East Sussex in 1977 and grew up on the south coast. He neglected his education to pursue a career in music. He spent a number of years performing extensively around the UK, including slots at the Glastonbury festival. His debut book won The People's Book Prize, Bizziebaby Gold Award and Highly Commended in The Forward National Literature Award and was Shortlisted for The Rotherham Children's Awards. Giles lost his mother to leukaemia when he was six years old and talks about grief, mental health and the values of kindness to his 300k+ followers on Twitter. He lives in Seaford with his wife, Michelle, and their two sons, Elijah and Sonny.

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Shaun Deeney

Shaun is a former journalist and Emmy award-winning film and TV producer turned writer. He recently published the memoir Love and Care which charts his first year learning to care for his mum, who has Parkinson's dementia.

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John Stiles

John is a former professional footballer and the son of Nobby Stiles, who had Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia and died last October. John is now a comedian and is using his platform to speak out about his father’s dementia and raise awareness of the link between football and dementia.

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Andrew Embling

Andrew is a wellbeing coach and trainer and a Specialist Practitioner with Dementia Carers Count. Andrew cares for his mother with dementia and has previously attended our courses before going on to work with us. He is passionate about using his experience to empower people to overcome challenges and create changes that are right for them.

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Lorraine Haining

Lorraine is a Specialist Nurse Practitioner and Specialist Practitioner with Dementia Carers Count. For the last 18 years, Lorraine has worked in the field of dementia in the community in a variety of roles including as a community psychiatric nurse, in research, training and management, and as the head of dementia services in a retirement village. She’s currently

the lead nurse for the IDEAS (Interventions for Dementia, Education, Assessment and Support) team at NHS Dumfries and Galloway.