About us

Who we are

Run2Events was founded off the back of over 30 years of collective experience delivering exceptional inhouse charity events. We are from the charity sector for the charity sector and know what it takes to ensure that people have a voice, are listened to and can achieve remarkable things.

We were created out of frustration from existing suppliers who pitched the same ideas, made wild promises and expected us to do all the work. We vowed to do things differently, to bring our creativity, resourcefulness and expertise to the charity events sector. If you don’t have the time, the resources or the expertise to deliver events then speak to Run2Events, we deliver the whole programme providing scale, skill and results every time.

Andrew Hastings

Andrew has over 15 years of experience in creating, planning and delivering a huge range of exceptional and successful events across the UK and abroad.

Andrews mantras;

  • Hope for the best plan for the worst.
  • You can always do it better.
  • Events must be extraordinary
  • Innovate Innovate Innovate!
  • The Client is (almost) always right.

Steve Grogan

Steve has over 14 years of experience supporting many thousands of event participants to reach their goals at some of the biggest names in the charity sector. He has introduced new events to market and developed supporter journeys to maximise return on investment and is excited to bring this new model of events fundraising to worthwhile causes across the UK

Steve Oatley

The other Steve will be your account manager and is always full of ideas. A serial launcher of new innovative events even under lockdown he knows what it takes to create a new event and get it off the ground.

With a background in smaller charities he understands how to build success and loyalty without a big name, big brand and a massive database. He can show you how to build success from the ground up, tapping into networks, developing innovative marketing strategies and creating ambassadors from each participant.