Aisha Dickson

Run2Paris 2024

Why on earth would you run to Paris?!

That's what my family said when I announced I was going to.  But it turns out that I'm not as mad as they thought, as I persuaded my team from Hassocks Community Runners, to run with me! You heard, from London to Paris on foot, in just 4 days.

For me, it was a no brainer.  I am celebrating a big birthday in 2024 and wanted to do something I would remember.  In 2024 it will also be 30 years from when I lived in Paris.  And in fact, 30 years from the launch of the Eurostar.  Back then, taking the train from London to Paris was a novelty, but it pales into insignificance when compared to me, my team and our trusty legs!

Wish us luck but more importantly please donate. Your donation will go towards two really important causes, Supporting Parkinson's UK and SSAFA. I really appreciate your support.

My Updates

April 2024: Reading coming up

Training has been going well in the last few weeks - I have completed some good long runs 25km plus, passing the time thanks to Jamie Cullum on BBC Sounds and generally feeling ok.  Reading half is next on the calendar which I'll be running with my nephew Kabir and first timer half marathoner, my sister Azra....

March 2024: Paris looks quite big!

It's been an organisational month so far - a team meeting to divvy up some of the planning and logistics, and plan some additional fundraising.  Oh and just looking at the aerial photo of Paris from 30 000 feet, to see what we're in for....

Feb 2024: the day I ran home after the Brighton Half...

I wasn't really quite prepared for this, and didn't quite get a PB, but pleased with the result.  It was a busy course, and the final 5km was tough running into strong winds.  Luckily though the rain held off.  In a moment of madness and under the influence of the local hardcore endurance runner who lives opposite me, decided to run an additional 15km home from Brighton seafront to a long day overall!

Feb 2024: I've lost my running buddy....

Poor Luna has broken her toe :-(

Feb 2024: Long training run

Took myself off to the seafront for a change of scene for my long training run and was rewarded with this spectacular sunset!

Feb 2024: Look what arrived in today's post....

Brighton Half - not long to go....

Feb 2024: Little Bo Peep

Pleased to report that with the first day of February, some much welcome sunshine and news that I can increase my distance a bit now that my knee is on the mend.  Fingers crossed that I might still be able to participate in the upcoming Brighton half.
Followed by these sheep on my cooldown walk...

Jan 2024: team meeting

We had our first team meeting in a while yesterday with a special guest arranged by Dom, thank you Dom.  Malcolm, a running coach came along and gave us lots of very useful tips.  

Jan 2024: still going albeit slowly

After a trip to the physio, I'm restricted to 5km (ish) runs while I let my IT band rest and recover.  Very frustrating, but eyes on the May prize.  In the meantime, some lovely views of Ditchling from the Downs in the freezing temperatures.

Jan 2024: Issues

Following flu over the Christmas period, I'm struggling with the some niggles.  Right hamstring, left ITB band. Not a great start to 2024.  Always one step forward three steps back with training. :-(

On the bright side, new trainers!!

Dec 2023: It's Chriiiiiiiisssstmmaaaaaaas!

How nice to receive this in the post today!!! Gulp.  Making it feel real.

Dec 2023: Sussex Downs Half

Sussex Downs Half - done.  Hopefully will kickstart my motivation (and proper training).  I've run this one before, but today it was -2 degrees and icicles formed in the sweat (surprising there was any) in my hair! It was such a nice run, great route, but hard work and rather eerie with the weather.

Nov 2023: I 'had a fall'

Skidded over right outside Hurst college.  According to my lovely husband I "had a fall"....some bad bruising to my knees, but on the route to recovery, just dented my training for the South Downs half (as well as my pride)!

Nov 2023:

I can definitely relate to this...!

Sussex Downs Half Marathon

Nov 2023: a firm favourite on my running calendar, I've entered the Sussex Downs Half Marathon which takes place on 2 December.  My fellow Paris runners Bernie and Emma will also be taking part.  It's a tough run, starting from Plumpton Racecourse and heading up a steep climb onto the South Downs.  There will hopefully be some rewarding views at the top, although from past experience, the weather may mean I can't see a thing. 

Hitting the Trails

Nov 2023: since the road to Paris will involve off road routes as well as road running, I'm incorporating some trail running into my training.  My trusted run buddy Luna always likes a trail run.  But tbh, I'm not convinced she really likes the mud.

A road run

Nov 2023: I decided I ought to get going and with a break in the stormy weather, set off for 10km (dry) road route. Didn't quite turn out that way...


Oct 2023: thinking about training, not really doing it.  

And we're in!

Sept 2023: I clocked this event in 2022 and thought ok, not in 2023 but one day..when I'm fitter....when I have more time...when I think I might be able to persuade others to join me.  I didn't think I'd get to it to be honest.  Then in May this year, I joined Hassocks Community Runners, more by accident than design.  I have enjoyed many a run with them and met some fabulous people who have started to become my friends. So I took a deep breath and put out the idea of Run2Paris.  I was over the moon when people wanted to join.  And I admit to doing a merry jig once I'd submitted our application.  This is going to be an event of a lifetime!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lee & Thompson

Good luck from us all at L&T!



We've been friends for many decades and I've seen you go from strength to strength as a human and now as a runner. All the next Aish. We could have just caught the Eurostar, you didn't actually have to run there 😂


Susan Roots

Bonne Chance, Aisha! Not sure this would be on my 50th birthday year bucket list given I can barely run to the bus stop - I’m in compete awe of your goal! Hopefully we can track your progress. Love Susan, Tim and Lucy xxx


Anna Cook

Good luck Aisha!


Allan M

good luck Aisha!


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Lee Parbery


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Go Aisha!!!


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Good luck….you will smash it but hope you don’t get too many blisters!!!


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Wow! You are crazy… and amazing! Good luck x




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Good luck! We’re rooting for you!




James Baker

Good luck!


Abigail Rutter

What a brilliant, if totally mad, way to celebrate your 50th! Keep running…..and good luck to you and all the team.


Sylvia Dickson

Can't believe you're doing it, well done!! Love Sylvia & Jim xx


Van Stiphouts

Go Aisha! x


Lara Petruccelli


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Good luck Aisha. i hope there's some good Champagne waiting for you at the finish.


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Good luck!


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Tu es fou mais bonne chance. How do you run the channel - or do you get a rest? Kate


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This is epic Aisha, go smash it! Wishing you and the rest of the team all the very best x


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Go Aisha!! Amazing effort!




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Go Aisha! You will be fabulous!! Tedman Family x


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I think you are mad but good luck. I know you will do it.


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Amazing thing to do!!


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Very best of luck, Aisha!


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