London Marathon for The Seafarers' Charity

The Seafarers' Charity London Marathon 2024

I'm fundraising for...

I'm running the London Marathon on the 21st April 2024!

I've already run 4 of the 6 World Major Marathon, and I'm tackling the streets of London this spring in support of a great local cause. 

I'm doing all this to raise vital funds to support The Seafarers’ Charity – helping those who work at sea and their families. While this is a UK charity, it makes sense: all those years on the Cape and in greater Boston, I got to know a lot of people who call the ocean their home and their livelihood. I'm hoping to smash that fundraising goal to bring needed support to the families and seafarers of the UK.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wesley Lowery


Wesley Lowery


Garrett Quinn

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes while running on the wrong side of the road.


Lego & Yaz Norcott

Your ability to do so much good in this world is beyond respected. Thank you for supporting such a great cause. We look forward to you running the streets of all done!


Catherine Reilly

Hail to the Queen of marathons


Kelly And Brendan!

YES!!! Run Meg Run!!


Colin Masters


Fadi Kanaan

You got this, Meghan! Good luck with your fifth star.


Missi Rogers

Heart you


Teresa Pelletier


Rick Metters

Go Meg Go!!


Chloe Gotsis

You are amazing!


Adrian Sullivan

Running is far superior to watching Phish.


Amy Derjue

Go Meg go! It'll be a jolly good show.


Kimberly Reingold

Run, Meg, run!!


Adam Blickstein

Run like an anteloupe! (British spelling)


Robert Eingurt


Caitlin Fahey

Yay! Go Meg :)


Gemma Waite


John Kerin (jk)

Best of luck Meg


Graham Kimmerer, Gent


Meghan Reilly


Danl O’brien

Good Luck!


Ryan O'neil

Run like the wind 🙂


Megan Johnson

I have no idea how much this comes out to in $ so we’ll just wait and see


Lauren Schiavone

Go Meg!


Emily Piech

Go Meg! Always so impressive!


Nick Holden


Jennifer Spencer

Oi! Gonna run a race innit?


Elizabeth Keyes

I’m donating 25£s (whatever that means) even though it isn’t going to the Liver Foundation. Have fun running around London!


Melissa Hebert

My queen!


Andrea Schroeder

Whoa, impressive!!




Alexandra Maund

You’re gonna kill it!!!


Justin Thompson